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Why Is It Called the Gold Coast?

Bursting with sun, sand, and sea, the Gold Coast is the tropical wonderland of Australia. It’s no wonder it is one of the top destinations, with rainforests, mountain ranges, pristine beaches, and skyscrapers sprinkling the area. But where did it get its name? The History of the Area Before European settlements came to Australia, the Gold Coast area was a natural wonderland, home to white sandy beaches, rolling mountains, river valleys, and both salt and freshwater wetlands. The indigenous community lived cohesively within the environment, inhabiting the area for more than 23,000 years before any European settlement. The Birth of […]


What To Do in Gold Coast City?

The Gold Coast is known for its magnificent natural attractions surrounding the area. But with all these natural wonders, a good deal of may forget to explore the dazzling city centre of the Gold Coast. With shinning skyscrapers, golden sands, and rollercoaster rides. Sightsee the area and get a lay of the land, discovering the history and culture of the Gold Coast. Things to do in Gold Coast City Nerang River For a relaxing journey, venture down the Nerang River on the canal cruise. Spend a couple hours in the sun as you take in the sights, learning about the […]


Where is Gondwana Rainforest?

Listed as a world heritage area, the Gondwana Rainforest is the largest subtropical rainforest and is teeming with Australian Wildlife. The protected area is known to have remanets of rainforests that dwelled in the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana. A living snapshot of history, this place is crawling with ancient plants and primitive animals. The Unique Inhabitants The unique flora and fauna of this rainforest are well worth the journey, with hundreds of different plant and animal species roaming around. It has the highest number of marsupials, frogs, snakes, and birds in all of Australia. As well as having over 200 […]


What to do in Surfers Paradise?

The Gold Coast is famous for its fun, sunny sights, and Surfers Paradise is no exception. The seaside resort is famous for its incredible beachfront, exciting nightlife, blood pumping activities, and fun atmosphere. Adventure awaits! The beach As the name suggests, the beach is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers. It’s pristine sand and crashing waves make it one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. Lifeguards patrol daily, so make sure to swim within the flags, as the current can get a bit rough in outer areas. Even if you aren’t an avid surfer or swimmer, you can still enjoy […]


How to Experience the Gallery Walk in the Gold Coast?

Mount Tamborine sits at the heart of Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland. Here, pristine beaches sprawl inwards to the hinterland, where mountain ranges carve exquisite silhouettes against the horizon. One of the most popular attractions in the Gold Coast is the much-visited Gallery Walk. This stretch of the area is home to more than 60 different arts, crafts, and curiosity shops that sell everything from handmade homeware items to bespoke pieces of artwork. As well as a series of creative boutiques, Gallery Walk also has a number of family-run restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, and a handful of cosy […]


Exploring the Gold Coast Hinterland

Australia’s Gold Coast is known for its lush beaches and laidback party lifestyle, but there’s another side to it hidden further inland. In the hinterland, nature reigns supreme, with plenty of national parks packed full of native animal species and ancient plants. Here, visitors can explore quaint mountain villages, discover tree-lined streets sporting artisan stores and local galleries, and soak up the stunning natural beauty that characterises this part of the country. Mount Tamborine marks the central point of the Hinterland, with walking trails and stunning lookout points sprawling out around it. Elsewhere, wineries proffer delicious tasting opportunities while travelling […]


The Glow Worms of the Gold Coast

It’s easy to think that glow worms are make-believe creatures that only make special appearances in fairy tales, but they are very much a reality in Australia and New Zealand. Because they are only found in this part of the world, they are some of the planet’s rarest and most fascinating creatures. Australia’s impressive Gold Coast is the perfect place to see these mesmerising creatures in their natural habitat. Throughout the region, you can spot the lit-up critters flitting beneath the ancient canopies of lush rainforests or tucked away inside caves that date back millions of years. Set along the […]


Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery

The Gold Coast isn’t one of Australia’s prime wine-making regions, but it still plays host to a handful of vineyards that produce some of the best flavours in the country. At the centre of it all is the Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery, which can be found right in the middle of Gallery walk at the peak of the mountain. The boutique winery has won many awards over the years and provides guests with a range of tasting opportunities, a tasty restaurant, and an on-site gift shop. Covering more than 68 acres, the winery dates back to 1990 when it […]


The Birds and Plants of Springbrook Mountain

The Gold Coast is made up of sprawling natural scenery that’s home to an abundance of native flora and fauna. Take Springbrook Mountain, for example, which boasts a huge selection of creatures and plants just waiting to be discovered. Springbrook Mountain can be found in Springbrook National Park, which makes up a large part of the Gold Coast hinterland. Set just outside of Brisbane, it is part of the Shield Volcano Group of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. Visitors flock to the region to soak up its incredible natural beauty and to discover some of the rare […]


Things to Do at The Mount Tamborine Skywalk

Australia’s Gold Coast is renowned for its amazing landscapes, which are drizzled with pretty forests and dipping valleys. It sprawls out right up to the ocean line, promising visitors a hearty mix of stunning wildlife and fast-paced adventure. At its heart, Mount Tamborine soars skywards in a show of jaw-dropping beauty. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the region and is one of the biggest draws to the area. On the mountain, you can try your hand at a brand new adventure that lets you explore the Gold Coast from a unique perspective while getting your adrenalin pumping. […]

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