5 Things to Do at Springbrook National Park

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: March 25, 2024

Reading time: 3 mins

Springbrook National Park is filled with magnificent waterfalls within an ancient rainforest.

Exploring Springbrook National Park allows you to see a natural environment away from the busy city. Springbrook is about an hour’s drive from the sunny Gold Coast and is filled with lush rainforest and waterfalls.

An easy way to see Springbrook National Park is on a one-day tour where you’ll spend the day sightseeing the natural area.

1. Spot glow worms at Natural Bridge

Glow Worms in Springbrook National Park

Natural Bridge is one of the most unique waterfalls here in Springbrook National Park. Natural Bridge is a rock arch with a hole where the waterfall streams down inside into the lake beneath.

Another highlight of Natural Bridge is to see the enchanted glow worms. All year round you can see the glow worms (fly larvae) but they are best to be seen during the cooler months.

2. Walk towards Twin Falls

Twin Falls in Springbrook National Park

Walk through the dense rainforest for about two hours (return) and view the magnificent Twin Falls. You can start the walk from either Tallanbana or Canyon Lookout and walk anti-clockwise to read the signs about the forest types.

The walk also has some scenic views across the national park at different lookout points before you see Twin Falls.

Stay alert when walking by cliff edges and the rocks close to the falls as it can be quite slippery.

3. See Purling Brook Falls

Purling Brook Falls in Springbrook National Park

To see another spectacular waterfall, look no further than Purling Brook Falls. The waterfall drops 106 metres from the cliff down into the lake that is surrounded by the lush rainforest.
You can catch a glimpse of this waterfall by taking the walking track which takes you to the base.

4. Hike along one of the routes to see wildlife

Hiking in Springbrook National Park

The national park has different hiking and walking routes to allow you to spot plenty of wildlife. Springbrook is filled with all kinds of species like birds, frogs, and snakes.

A very rare find is the Albert’s lyrebird, a small bird you often find on the forest floor but there aren’t a lot left in existence. Or you could see cute pademelons, which are furry animals from the kangaroo and wallaby family.

5. Swim at Warringa Pool

Warringa Pool in Springbrook National Park

Not too far from Purling Brook Falls is Warringa Pool, one of the many swimming spots for you to cool off from a hot day. The swimming spot has the rainforest surrounding it, creating a relaxing scenery for an afternoon dip.

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