Things To Do in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known for its magnificent natural attractions surrounding the area. But with all these natural wonders, a good deal of may forget to explore the dazzling city centre of the Gold Coast. With shinning skyscrapers, golden sands, and rollercoaster rides. Sightsee the area and get a lay of the land, discovering the history and culture of the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast

Best Things to do in Gold Coast

1. Nerang River

For a relaxing journey, venture down the Nerang River on the canal cruise. Spend a couple hours in the sun as you take in the sights, learning about the history and significant sections of the city along the way. Enjoy the views with a meal on the lunch cruise, enjoying a sausage sizzle along with fresh salads and bread.

2. Theme parks

Get your thrills and spills at Gold Coast’s theme parks! Home to the best amusement parks in the country, with the famous Sea World, and Warner Brothers Movie World. Overflowing with electrifying rollercoasters, ever-changing shows, water activities, and animal attractions, these parks can appeal to the whole family. Scream your lungs out on the white-knuckling rides and gobble up some delicious goodies served throughout the park.

Movie World Gold Coast

3. Beach

What better way to spend a day, but a day on the Gold Coast’s beach. Take advantage of the city’s close proximately to the sea and head to the golden sands of the coast. Kick back and relax in the soft sands, plunge into the crashing waves, or kick a ball around the shallow waters.

Surfer Paradise

4. Food and Drink Activities

The gold coast is blossoming with foodie culture, with delicious food and drink options aplenty. Spend an afternoon in the sun at one of the many rooftops or coastline restaurants and bars. Tuck into the freshly caught seafood the city is famous for as you try out the locally crafted beer. For some street nibbles, visit the markets, as you stroll from stall to stall, taste testing the delicious local produce.

5. Events

Events are ever changing within the city, with festivals, exhibitions, and programs cluttering the area. The events can range from children carnivals to exotic food markets. There is an array of different events for this month, including ‘crafted festival.’ This festival is celebrating the Australian crafted beer and cider, held at the Broadbeach. Another noteworthy event is the Jewel International Kite Festival held in Surfers Paradise. Make sure to look up what’s on when you are travelling!

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