Curtis Falls, Queensland

Curtis Falls can be found within the Tamborine National Park and can be viewed through an enchanting scenic walk that will take you through to the heart of the flowing cascades.

Curtis Falls, QLD

To view the falls in full force, visit after heavy rainfalls and you’ll be treated to a picture-perfect photo opportunity like no other.

In the Tamborine Mountain region, 85% of all animals on the Gold Coast can be found. Eels, turtles, platypus and the elusive glow worms are some but few of the wildlife you will come across in the national park. 80 kilometres south of Brisbane, in the Gold Coast Hinterlands area, you will discover Mount Tamborine in all its rainforest glory.

Quaint boutique shops, a local market and a famed clock shop where you can purchase your perfect cuckoo clock are but some of the many sights to see of the region. More than just rainforest, the Tamborine area is also well known for the breweries, distilleries and cheese factories offering up the best of locally sourced produce lovingly crafter.

Exploring the beauty of Curtis Falls

Surrounded by a eucalyptus forest, the basalt rocks of Curtis Falls are the remnants of a now extinct volcano that was active millions of years ago. It’s also the only waterfall in Tamborine that can be viewed from the rock pools below. The 1.5-kilometre walk takes about 30 minutes all up to get to the lookout on a moderately graded climb.

It’s great to visit just after heavy rainfall, however, it can be visited all year round. Just remember to bring enclosed walking shoes that can combat the tropical landscape. Just below the lookout is a cave that holds a multitude of magical glow worms, though you aren’t allowed to enter the cave to protect both the integrity of the glow worms home.

What makes Curtis Falls special is that it is fed continuously all year round as it’s connected to Cedar Creek. This makes it a must-see if you’re visiting the Tamborine Mountain purely for the reason that no matter what time of the year you get there, it will always be flowing!

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