The Mountain Ranges of the Gold Coast Hinterland

The Gold Coast is famed for its sprawling white-sand beaches and its plentiful swimming and surfing opportunities. But, head further inland, and you’re greeted by a breath-taking landscape characterised by jutting peaks and dipping valleys.

This area is known as the Gold Coast Hinterland, and it makes up a large part of southeast Queensland. Here, beaches are replaced by mountain views, and swimming and surfing are taken over by hiking, camping, and other mountain-based adventures.

Known for its rainforests, mountain resorts, lookouts, and an eclectic selection of flora and fauna, the hinterland provides the perfect backdrop for the vibrant coastal strip.

The region surrounding the Gold Coast is made up of numerous mountain ranges, which we’ve laid out for you here.

1. The Tweed Range

The Tweed Range sprawls out to the west of the Tweed Volcano caldera rim, which makes up part of the spectacular Scenic Rim and the Great Dividing Range. Here, you can experience one of the region’s finest natural wonders in the caldera, and explore the stunning views from the mountain’s peak.

2. The Nimmel Range

This small mountain range is set in the heart of the hinterland, and is characterised by its most prominent peak, Mount Nimmel. Again, hiking is a popular activity in this intimate range, as there are plenty of spectacular views to soak up from the top.

3. Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is one of the most popular peaks in the region and promises a whole host of adventurous activities for visitors to get stuck into. Around every twist and turn, there are new views to marvel at, an abundance of native wildlife, and plenty of unique activities that the mountain is renowned for, including arts and crafts, award-winning wineries, country markets, festivals, and upmarket restaurants.

4. The McPherson Range

The McPherson Range forms a spur of the Great Dividing Range and spans out in an easterly direction from Wallangara to the sparkling expanse of the Pacific Ocean. This huge mountain range is one of the biggest in the region, and promises an eclectic range of landscapes for visitors to enjoy. Like the other peaks in the region, the mountains that make up the McPherson Range are popular hiking destinations peppered with stunning lookout points.

The Gold Coast hinterland and its incredible ranges give visitors the perfect introduction to the spectacular beauty that lies just inland from the sprawling beaches and glittering coastline.

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