Purling Brook Falls, Springbrook National Park

Imagine yourself standing below mighty cascading waterfalls, around you, lush ancient forests await you with paths trickling through the towering trees.

Purling Brook Falls, QLD

You are immersed in the spectacular World Heritage-listed rainforest of Gondwana, nestled in the Springbrook National Park. The name Purling Brooks comes from the word that is used to describe the sound of the water rippling down; ‘purl’. Travel to one of Australia’s most impressive and grandest waterfalls.

What to do at Purling Brook Falls?

  • Purling Brook Falls Lookout

    The lookout is only a short  300-metre walking track and is well worth the trek. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a relaxing trail amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat, faster walk, you will enjoy this trek. See the very top of the waterfall as it thunders over the edge, disappearing down through the tree canopy. Apart from the waterfall, you will be able to see spectacular views of the rainforest area. Breathtaking views depicting the depth of the forest floor below.

  • Purling Brook Falls circuit

    This walking track is a bit tougher, a full four kilometres of track, with around 265 steps scattering the route. Regardless, it is recommended to only a reasonable level of fitness. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery, Starting from the Springbrook Plateau, heading through forests bursting with an array of flora and fauna. Pause your adventure at the waterfall as you stand alongside the crashing waters. We recommend taking the circuit clockwise, for an easier route.

  • Warringa Pool

    Refresh off from the Aussie sun and enjoy a splash in this natural swimming pool. Warringa Pool is jam-packed with incredible scenery, with deep blue waters sheltered by the lush rainforest gully surrounding it. You can get here after taking the path to the Parlingbrook Falls Lookout. Simply continue the path until you end up at the bottom of the falls and arrive at this swimming spot. Free to swim in throughout the year at any time of day.

  • Goomoolahra Falls

    If you haven’t had enough of waterfalls why not travel to other waterfalls sprinkling the park? Towards the end of Springbrook Road lies the Goomoolahra Falls. The forest is home to a mountain stream which plunges over a cliff to create the impressive waterfall of Goomoolahra Falls. Check out the view on the lookout that is perched on the waterfalls surrounding rocks.

  • Natural Bridge

    For an ancient beauty within the rainforest, check out the Natural Bridge. Listed as one of the most popular attractions in Springbrook National Park. A natural rock formation that has been created from thousands of years of cascading water running over the erosive basalt cave that surrounds it. An incredible sight to see, bringing together the majestic cave structure, stunning waterfalls, mysterious glow worms and lush forest land surrounding it.

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