See Glow Worms at the Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge is one of Queensland’s most enchanting attractions, a vibrant natural arch situated within the stunning Springbrook National Park. The bridge may be a sublime thing to see during the day, when the sun shines on all its divine tropical hues, but it’s what occurs there at night that truly gets the visitors talking…

The Natural Bridge is home to one of the Southern Hemisphere’s only glow worm populations, with thousands of them illuminating up the bridge’s cave in a mesmerising nightly light show.

So, to answer your question, you can enjoy this unforgettable experience every night at the Natural Bridge! But there a couple of things to note:

1. Try not to use your torch in the cave – glow worms aren’t too fond of other light sources and will stop the spectacle if their own illumination is impeded upon;
2. Don’t smoke or use insect repellent as this can actually kill the little things and;
3. Try to keep the noise down as you don’t want to spook them!

The glow worms in their enchanting home is easily the Springbrook National Park’s best attraction, but the park is home to some other unforgettable experiences, including:

The Springbrook walk

Springbrook National Park is one of the most beguiling in Australia, with lush tropical vegetation and some of Australia’s most fascinating creatures roaming its floor and enjoying its canopy.

There are different walks of varying distances, but the main one to take is the one that leads to the incredible Natural Bridge which is, of course, wonderful in the daytime, too…

The Twin Falls

Queensland is no stranger to amazing waterfalls, and the Twin Falls is a real pearler! This spectacular cascading duet is one of the most sublime sites in the whole national park, being all the more incredible as they dazzle down into the water alongside one another.

The falls are a joyous sight to see and the ideal place to take a perch after a big day’s forest hiking!

Springbrook Plateau

Every decent national park needs a rather marvellous vista, right? Well, the Springbrook Plateau has exactly what you need, providing you an epic view across the lush forest that has rightfully earned a UNESCO-heritage listing.

Its beauty and serenity is truly something else, with gorgeous expanses of lush tropical forest as far as the eye can possibly see.