What is there to do on the Gold Coast that isn’t the beach?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: December 13, 2018

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The Gold Coast may be famous for its golden sands and pristine waters, but it has a lot more to offer than a day at the beach.

If a day amidst the sand and waves isn’t your cup of tea, look no further. As we have listed the top attractions you shouldn’t miss on your trip to the gorgeous Gold Coast.

  • Glow Worm Adventure

    Discover the incredible wildlife hidden within the area. Springbrook National Park is home to the Glow Worms. These incredible creatures are in fact, not worms, but the larvae of a primitive fly, the fungus gnat. However, the affectionate name comes from their worm-like shape, and their natural body glow. The natural light is caused by a chemical reaction within their body, used to attract insect prey. They scatter the ceilings of the rainforest’s caves, creating what seems like a starry night. Join one of the nocturnal tours after sunset to learn more about these magical creatures.

  • Mount Tamborine

    Mount Tamborine promises an array of stunning scenery and a day’s chock full of adventure. Explore the breathtaking rainforest and outdoor paradises, charming villages, and incredible art and culture. Spend the morning within the lush greenery, reaching the mountain tops to marvel at the incredible view below. Finishing the day off with a relaxing stop into one of the many breweries, restaurants, or art galleries scattered within.

  • Tweed Shield Volcano and Caldera

    The Tweed Shield Volcano and Caldera is the largest erosion caldera in the entire southern hemisphere. It is now extinct and has undergone 20 million years of collapse and erosion, creating a bowl-like shaped depression. Despite this, the remaining area is bursting of spectacular wildlife. Explore the immense beauty within the area while learning about the geological history of the ancient volcano.

  • Natural Arch

    An unforgettable sight, the Natural Arch is one of the area’s most fascinating travel spots. It is a natural rock formation of an arch that stretches over a creek cave. The arch was moulded by millions of years of wind, rain, and the waterfall above.

  • Theme parks

    Get your heart pumping at Gold Coast’s famous theme parks! The area is known as being home to the best amusement parks in the entire country, with Sea World, and Warner Brothers Movie World being just a few of the ones on offer. The parks are jam-packed with terrifying rollercoasters, entertaining performances, water shows, as well as animal attractions. Enjoy a day with the family as you scream on the white-knuckling rides, cheer for the riviting performances, and tuck into the delicious food served.

  • Fishing

    Thanks to the city’s beachside setting, it is a haven for marine life. Pack your fishing rods and head out to the city’s most popular fishing spots. The waterways offer not just fish, but an array of wildlife, with yabbie pumping and crabbing being just as popular. Enjoy the local fishing culture of the Gold Coast as you catch your dinner for the night.

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Cameron Ward
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