What is there to do in Gold Coast at night?

Most travel to the Gold Coast for its sunny days and tropical wonders. But what do you do once the sun goes down? The brochures may be filled with daily activities for any kind of traveller but finding out a night-time activity that isn’t just restaurants or bars may be limited. However, don’t fret, for we have dug up the best activities that go well into the night.

Glow Worm Adventure

Don’t just head back to the city after dusk, for some of the rainforest’s best attractions come out at night. Gold Coast’s Hinterlands is home to a world of wonder at the Springbrook National Park; particularly being the residence of the famous glow worms. Simply trek through the lush forestland and find yourself at the entry to the dark and dreary caves found deep within. Don’t bother bringing the flashlights, as once you enter these caves, you will find them to be alight with a slow blue glow. The light creates an enchanting atmosphere, right out of a sci-fi fairy-tale. In actual fact, these worms aren’t worms at all, but the larvae of a primitive fly, the fungus gnat. The natural glow from these worms, unfortunately, isn’t due to a radioactive reaction or anything magical, but all to do with a chemical reaction within their body. Leave more about these incredible creatures while you wander these incredible caves.

Night Quarter

Go shopping at night at the city’s buzzing night market! held every Friday and Saturday until 10pm, the market held in Helensvale. With both arts and crafts stalls, vintage collections, and mouth-watering food stalls up for grabs. As well when you are taking a break from shopping, stop and watch the 120 entrepreneurs, artisans and performers that are scattered about the grassy area. This adventure is perfect for a truly unique night adventure for the hot summer nights.

Ghost Tour

For something a little bit different, try out the evening Ghost Tour. Here you can learn about the history of the Gold Coast in a spooky way, travelling down dark alleys and visiting abandoned buildings. It’s guaranteed to give you goose bumps!


Ignite your imagination at the city’s fascinating and mind-blowing Infinity Attraction. It is an interactive experience, being an optical illusion with more than 20 different spaces of special effects and light attractions. Open until 10pm every night, you can head there with the kids before dinnertime or you can wait until its adults only for a truly unforgettable ingenious site.

Keep a night free and join our Glow Worm Evening Tour!

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