Why visit the theme parks on the Gold Coast?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: February 7, 2020

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Looking for some fun and excitement while staying at the glorious Gold Coast? Look no further!

The stunning region of the Gold Coast is known as Australia’s theme park capital, with a plethora of amusement parks lining the coast. Travel here to spend a jam-packed day or days of exhilarating fun amidst the screaming crowds and exciting atmosphere. Here are the city’s top theme parks that are all well worth the visit!

  • Wet’n’Wild World

    Cool off from the sweltering Aussie sun while getting your thrills and spills at the country’s biggest water park. Wet’n’Wild Water World promises you fun regardless of whether you’re looking for a calming day or an upbeat adventure. Hop on the enormous water rides, speeding and swirling through water rapids and jaw-dropping heights. Walkthrough the subtropical gardens, sunbaking the day away in the lounge chairs scattered about here. Or head to the wave pool or the man-made beach and swim until your fingers prune!

  • Warner Brothers Movie World

    See all your favourite movies come to life in the exciting Movie World. Listed as the most popular theme park of Australia, featuring world-class rides, iconic attractions, and exciting performances, the park truly promises days of fun. Whether you are keen for high-speed rides such as the Superman escape, or 4D experiences like the Lego Movie, or water rides of the Wild West, there is no limit on fun experiences at Movie World!

  • Sea World

    Regardless of if you’re looking for a park with an element of adventure, wildlife, or thrills, Sea World has you covered. This park has been around for 35 years, so they are pretty good at what they do, offering exhilarating rides, attractions and shows. It’s a marine research and rescue facilities as well as being a theme park, rehabilitating animals and letting visitors see these creatures while they are there. Visitors can come face to face with these fascinating creatures, seeing the Dolphin Discovery show, marvelling at the polar bears, and even swimming with the friendly dolphins!

  • Paradise Country

    This park is a little different from the rest, known as an Australian farm experience for the whole family. Folk can get the true Aussie outback experience just 30 minutes away from the city, seeing the pros at it at the farmyard! Watch sheep shearing, feed the chickens, and enjoy billy tea and an Aussie BBQ for the day!

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