Where are the best views on the Gold Coast?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: February 18, 2019

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Witness the truly awe-inspiring showcase of spectacular scenery the Gold Coast has to offer.

With shimmering golden beaches, sparkling city skyscrapers, and hectares of rainforest, its no surprise the Gold Coast promises some of the greatest views in Australia.

  • The Spit

    Located on the main beach is the city’s long stretching pier. Separating Southport Broadwater from the Pacific Ocean, this pier is used as a walking track, lunch spot, fishing area, and a lookout. For a truly unforgettable sight, head here before sunrise or sunset, to watch the brilliant glow of light reflect on the sea and sand.

  • Mount Tamborine

    Lace up those walking shoes and trek up the tropical Mount Tamborine. Escape the bustling city centre and disconnect from your phones, slowly heading up the steep path until you reach one of the many lookouts. Here you can marvel at the incredible sprawling mountaintops, covered by a carpet of thick greenery. if you enjoy a little luxury, head to one of the resorts, breweries, or restaurants that offer you the view with a side of lunch.

  • Broadbeach

    One of the most romantic walks in the Gold Coast is along the city’s Broadbeach. Visit here after dusk and dinner with a delicious ice-cream in hand as you stroll along the soft sand, marvelling at both the ocean and the lite up skyscrapers towering above.

  • Springbrook Mountain

    For a mesmerizing view oozes with natural beauty, trek up to the Springbrook Mountain. Walk along the ancient forest path until you reach one of the best lookouts in Springbrook. Get a glimpse of the blue meeting the green, with epic views of the sun-drenched sky beaming on the lush forestland.

  • Burleigh Heads

    Last but not least is the beautiful region of Burleigh Heads. Famous for its laidback atmosphere and beach culture, the suburb is filled with friendly locals and pristine shores. Make a spot at the lookout in the national park, giving you a stunning display of sapphire waters and the city skyline.

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