The Waterfalls of Springbrook National Park

Set in the stunning expanse of the Gold Coast hinterland, Springbrook National Park is a paradise for nature lovers. Here, you can explore incredible views from pretty lookout points, take enjoyable walks, and spot rare plants, ancient trees, and native animal species.

One of the biggest draws of the region are the plentiful waterfalls. These cascading attractions are beautiful to look at and are also home to some eye-catching species of plant and animals.

The best waterfalls in Springbrook National Park

1. Purling Brook Falls

Perhaps the most impressive waterfall on the mountain, Purling Brook Falls is best seen right after rainfall. While here, you can take a leisurely stroll through the forest that surrounds the waterfall, exploring amongst moss-covered trees and picturesque rock pools.

At the base of the falls, there is a newly rigged suspension bridge that you can walk across to experience the waterfall from a different perspective.

2. Twin Falls

Here, lush forest, pretty rock pools, and impressive rock clefts join together to create a spectacular landscape punctured with two cascading waterfalls. The falls finish in three different rock pools, all of which are ideal for a refreshing swim after exploring in the warm Australia sun.

3. Goomoolahra Falls

Towards the end of Springbrook Road, there is a pretty little forest that is home to a sweet little mountain stream. Where the stream meets a nearby cliff, there is an impressive waterfall known as Goomoolahra Falls. You can check out the falls from above at the lookout that’s perched over the edge of the surrounding rocks.

4. Natural Bridge Waterfalls

The Natural Bridge (or Natural Arch) rock formation is one of Springbrook’s top tourist attractions. It has been formed over many years by the force of a cascading waterfall over basalt cave.

There is a short walk to reach the falls, taking you on a subtropical route through the magical and very ancient Gondwana rainforest.

By day, the area is filled with the hum and buzz of riflebirds, catbirds, and fruit-doves, as well as endangered species, like tree frogs, owls, and koalas. When night falls, the area lights up under the shine of the protected glow-worms and micro-bats. In warmer months, keep your eyes peeled for luminous fungi and fireflies, too.

Thanks to its eclectic array of wildlife and unique surrounding scenery, the Natural Bridge and its waterfall is perhaps the most popular falls in the region.

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