The Springbrook Research Observatory

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: September 27, 2017

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Australia’s Gold Coast is renowned for its incredible selection of wildlife encounters and lush scenery that seems to spread out forever in every direction.

Springbrook Research Observatory

The hinterland is a firm favourite amongst travellers, but if you take a moment to look up when darkness falls, you’ll see that the region is also home to one of the most impressive sights: an uninterrupted night sky.

At the Springbrook Research Observatory, you can discover the sheer beauty of the Australian sky and learn more about the different constellations.

Sure, seeing the stars light up the sky with the naked eye is well worth it, but if you want to get up close and personal, the Springbrook Research Observatory lets you see everything in zoom.

Andre, the owner of the observatory, has dedicated decades to creating a place where people of all ages can soak up the beauty and wonderment of the night sky. Set inside a building that boasts a spinning domed structure, you can step out onto the roof lookout points to take in even more of the sky scenery.

How the Springbrook Research Observatory Came to Be

As well as promising exceptional views of the sky, the observatory also has a fascinating history thanks to its founder, Andre. His love of the night sky began from a young age, when he watched a video at school that documented an American priest known as “the sidewalk astronomer”.

This inspired moment spurred him to create and host his own “star parties”, where he would share the sky with children. And if they loved it and were amazed? Well, he considered that a huge success.

The experience of feeling closer to the stars has allowed people to integrate themselves into science while it’s happening. With the idea of bringing this moment to the masses, Andre went out and bought his first telescope, which was the start of the Springbrook Research Observatory.

It took more than five months to build the primary dome of the observatory, but for Andre it was well worth the wait. Even today, the observatory remains one of the most visited and impressive attractions in the Gold Coast region.

While on-site, visitors can take a peek through one of the many telescopes that are dotted around and marvel at the night sky close up. There is also a selection of yours you can take that let you dig deeper into the wonderful world of celestial bodies.

How to Find the Springbrook Research Observatory

The Springbrook Research Observatory can be found on the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road. Once you reach Pine Creek Road, take a left turn and then right into Springbrook. From there, you travel just under 5km to the observatory, which is well signposted as you go.

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