The best waterfalls to swim at in the Gold Coast

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: May 4, 2020

Reading time: 2 mins

While everyone is swarming the beaches, you can head to this region’s picture-perfect waterfalls!

The Gold Coast may be famous for its stunning beaches, but the region’s hidden waterfalls come a very close second for your swimming adventures. Simply head into the lush greenery of the nearby rainforests or drive further out of the city for a day amidst the glorious cascading waterfalls found throughout.

  • Twin Falls

    Springbrook National Park is the perfect natural getaway spot when visiting the Gold Coast. Being a world-heritage listed region, featuring a rainforest region splattered with gorgeous waterfalls throughout. One of the best ones is the Twin Falls, between rugged rock walls covered in lush greenery, with a nearby canyon lookout and walkways. The waterfall is surrounded by thousand-year-old trees, so its both a perfect swimming spot and a great wildlife exploration!

  • Purling Brook Falls

    If you are up for a rainforest walk before or after your swimming adventure, Purling Brook Falls is for you! Featuring a beautiful circuit walk, in the Springbrook Plateau section of the park. Visitors can pass through the eucalypt forest of New England ash, before heading down hill into the gorge to view the falls from the base. Here you can hop in and cool off from your walking adventure and dry off in the picnic region nearby.

  • Elabana Falls

    Hidden away in Lamington National Park is the severely underrated Elabana Falls. Visitors must hike 3.5 kilometres through the lush rainforest region to reach this picture-perfect waterfall, but your tired feet are well worth the stunning scenery this region promises. If you are even keen to explore further, make sure to bring your walking shoes and take the Box Forest Circuit’s 10.9-kilometre track so you can really enjoy your relaxing swim afterwards.

  • Cedar Creek Falls

    Head out of the city to the stunning Mount Tamborine and see the incredible Cedar Creek Falls. It is great for a relaxing swimming trip, as the water only trickles down into the tranquil rock pools. Creating the perfect chill out spot with your partner or posse. The waterfall is a hotspot during the hotter months, so make sure you hop in the car early to snag yourself the best sunbaking spot!

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