How long is the Springbrook walk?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: October 8, 2021

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Springbrook National Park is a gorgeously lush wilderness located right outside of the buzzing Gold Coast! It is full of natural awe and splendour, with the incredible Natural Bridge being the centrepoint of this magnificent national park.

Twin Falls Springbrook

Springbrook National Park contains several walks of varied distance, but to get to the park’s main attraction, that of the Natural Bridge, you should allow yourself at least 20 minutes walking time.

But, once you get down there, you are in for one of Australia’s most sublime natural treats: the Natural Bridge is an incredible archway and cave with cascading waters flowing over the top!

A journey into the caves at day is spectacular, but something that happens there at night is next-to-unlike anything else that occurs in the world: the Natural Bridge glow worm population.

Yes, every night thousands of amazing glow worms light up the cave with a dazzling array of fluro blue, creating a natural experience that can only be found in a few other places in Australia and New Zealand.

You can take a nighttime guided tour of the Natural Bridge that will allow you to see this spectacle in all its vibrant glory, and you will be thrilled at just how luminescent the show actually is!

The Natural Bridge and its nocturnal light show are the ultimate drawcard of the Springbrook National Park, but what other joys await you in this most stunning part of Australia?

Twin Falls

Australia is a land with no shortage of amazing cascading falls, and Springbrook’s Twin Falls are absolutely no exception! This dazzling duet sparkles in the Queensland sunshine, and it is one of the most awesome places to take a break when enjoying a spot of hiking throughout the park…

Springbrook Plateau

The Springbrook Plateau provides the park’s ultimate lookouts from a variety of spots. As you wind and wander throughout the park, you can really get a sense of just how important the forest is and why it has earned its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – it’s beauty and tranquility are simply astounding!

Animal spotting

Springbrook National Park is an animal haven, which means lucky travellers can keep their eyes peeled for all kinds of native birds, insects, marsupials, reptiles and much, much more! Spotting the park’s natural inhabitants along the way is the perfect addition to some of the most wonderful walks that await you in the Springbrook National Park…

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