How long is the Natural Bridge walk?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: May 4, 2021

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The Natural Bridge is one of the Gold Coast’s most spectacular natural sites.

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park

Located in the picturesque rainforest surrounds of the Springbrook National Park, the Natural Bridge is a stunning rock formation, with a waterfall cascading over a magical basalt cave.

The bridge is part of an easy one kilometre walk (among several others in the park), descending through ancient forests teeming with birdlife. Visiting the Natural Bridge at night is an incredibly unique experience from visiting in the day, as the cave lights up with rare glow worms. The bridge is the main drawcard of this incredible forest, but the lush surroundings are a joy to behold in themselves.

Let’s take a look at this mystical national park and why it’s a must for people travelling to the Gold Coast.

A wildlife extravaganza

The Springbrook National Park is a nature lover’s dreamworld, with eons-old hoop pines emerging from the jungle. But it’s not just the flora that makes the park such a wonderful experience: the park is home to a range of incredibly diverse species making their home in the park.

Birdwatchers making their way to the Natural Bridge will enjoy spotting paradise riflebirds, wompoo fruit doves and green catbirds (among others!). But that’s just the beginning, as the park is home to a list of rare and threatened species like the koala, tusked frog, sooty owl and cascade tree frog. Spotting some of these unique creatures on the way to the picturesque falls makes the Springbrook National Park well worth the visit, and an unforgettable experience away from the excitement of the Gold Coast.

The wonder of the surrounding forest

This lush and mountainous terrain plays host to some of the most breathtaking views in Australia, and are the perfect addition to the tranquility of the forest floor below. With an impressive lookout providing panoramic views of Tweed Shield Volcano and, further, the charming township of Byron Bay, the national park is a land of stunning contrasts.

Finally, a journey to the Purlingbrook Falls Lookout is a must, providing awe-inspiring views of the surrounding region in all its magnificence. Top this off with a short walk to Goomoolahra Falls and you have had the perfect day of adventuring the Springbrook National Park. If you’ve been searching for the perfect day-venture from one of Australia’s most enjoyable cities – the park is a spectacular way to go.

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