How big is the Gold Coast?

Interested in a tropical paradise for your next trip? The iconic Gold Coast of sun, sand, and sea is at the top of most traveller’s bucket list. Home to captivating sites and activities for the whole family. But how big is this region? And what is within?

The Size

Stretching down the east coast of Australia. The Gold coast Encompasses around 5,000 square kilometres with 70 kilometres of coastline, 270 kilometres of waterways, and 100,000 hectares rainforests.

The Population

As of last year, the population of the Gold Coast was around 580,730 citizens, with an increasing growth rate at 1.58%. However, this usually is bumped up with a number of tourists during the high season. With the region attracting 13 million visitors every year. Making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire country.

The Attractions Within

  • Theme parks

    Thrill-seekers flock to the gold coast for the chance to ride the scariest rides in the country. With a bucket-load to choose from, visit the Sea World or Warner Brothers Movie World. Scream your lungs out as you speed along these exhilarating rollercoasters that will appeal to the whole family.

  • Beach

    Located only seconds away from most city hotels, the beach stretches out for miles. Spend the day within the sea and sad, surfing the waves, sun baking in the sun, or building a sand castle with the kids. For a truly breathtaking view, visit the beach at sunrise or sunset and see the colours bounce off both the sea and the skyscrapers nearby.

  • Glow Worm Evening Tour

    Inside the Springbrook national park is the Gold Coast’s glow worms. Amidst the majestic mountains covered by a lush rainforest are a series of caves nestled within, home to one of the largest concentrations of Australian glow worms. These glow worms are in fact, not worms at all, but a type of fly larvae. Their natural light comes from a chemical reaction within their body and is used to captivate and trap insects to consume. See this natural phenomenon up close and personal when you step inside the darkness. Seeing the worms scattered against the cave’s walls and ceiling, creating what looks like stars against the black.

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