Can you swim at Purling Brook Falls?

Nestled in the thick rainforest of the World Heritage-listed Springbrook National Park, the Purling Brook Falls awaits you!

Home to spectacular rippling waters hidden within the cool ancient forestland.

About Purling Brook Falls

The name Purling Brooks comes from the Indigenous word, which describes the sound of the water cascading down in a ‘purl’. A beautiful deep pool sits at the bottom of the flowing waterfall, being the perfect place to refresh from the sweltering heat and dipping into the cool waters. Its large size makes it great for multiple groups of visitors, with couples and families able to get their own space when swimming even on a busy day! It’s free to swim, and no matter what month you visit will be open to the public, making it a truly worthwhile swimming spot to spot into!

The Purling Brook Lookout

Only a short 300-metre walking track, the lookout spot of the region is well worth the visit. Letting visitors marvel from the top of the waterfall, to see it thunders over the cliff’s edge, disappearing down into the pool. It’s not just the waterfall, which is an incredible sight, with the surrounding greenery of the bush as well as the land beyond a truly breathtaking view.

The Purling Brook Falls circuit

Get lost within the forest greenery on this beautiful circuit walk. Here you can pass through an open eucalypt forest of New England ash before you head into the deep gorge to see the waterfall up close! Visitors can either choose to simply do the walk and head back to their car, or head towards the waterfall’s pool for a refreshing finish! Overall, the walk is an easy activity for any kind of traveller, however, the track has over 200 steps laid out on the path, so it is a lot easier to travel clockwise, as you head downwards during the journey.

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