What should I wear to the glow worm cave?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: April 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 mins

The Gold Coast’s Springbrook National Park is a sensory feast, with plenty of lush flora and fascinating fauna inhabiting the dreamy landscape. But the most famous animal inhabitant is, without a doubt, the glow worm, which inhabits the cave underneath the gorgeous Natural Bridge!

Every night glow worm tours operate in the park, taking you underneath the bridge to spy thousands of these luminescent insects in their natural habitat.

You only have to wear casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes to visit the glow worm spectacle, but it is also advised that you take a raincoat if the weather’s looking a bit how ya going?

Either way, you’re in for a spectacular visual sight, as there is really nothing else like marvelling upon the incredible glow worm population, one of a very small number of populations to be found in the Southern Hemisphere!

Alongside the glow worms, a visit to the Springbrook National Park is a must when visiting the Gold Coast. The park is home to plenty of other amazing animals like birds, koalas, snakes and even lace monitors, making for a most enriching place to go for a little tropical hiking…

Not only that, it’s just the ideal place to escape the Goldy’s buzz and excitement, if you ever find yourself needing a break from these awesome activities:

The beaches

The Gold Coast has long been world famous for its vibrant beaches, with expansive shorelines taking in sweeping views of the surrounding city! The likes of Burleigh Heads and Currumbin are etched in Australian coastal lore, being some of the most gorgeous inner-city beaches you’ll find in the whole of Australia.

They also play host to many fun activities both on the sand and in the water, with surfing, beach volleyball and jet skiing always making up a fun day on a Gold Coast beach…

Mount Tamborine

Mount Tamborine is another wondrous place to be found just outside of the Gold Coast proper, with plenty of fun activities and natural beauty to be found in the region.

With the likes of Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, Curtis Falls, Heritage Estate Winery Cellar Door and more dotting this charming little rural region, it’s easy to see why Gold Coaster’s and travellers all love getting out to these serene, super chilled part of the state!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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