See the best drinking spots in the Gold Coast

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: March 13, 2020

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Wine and dine in the exciting region of the Gold Coast amidst the sunshine and sand!

One of Australia’s biggest tips to beating the country’s heat is with an ice-cold boozy drink. The entire country serves up an astounding range of beers, cocktails, and wine, offering folk a delicious frosty refreshment amidst the sweltering summer season. The Gold Coast is no different, serving even more than the typical Aussie city due to its continuously humid and hot weather year round. So visiting one of the many drinking spots while visiting the Gold Coast is definitely a must-do activity. We’ve narrowed down our favourite bars that’ll quench everyones thrist regardless of whether you are a beer-hound or a wine connoisseur.

  • The Island Rooftop

    Our top pick is the largest open-air rooftop bar in the Gold Coast! The Island Rooftop sits in the heart of Surfers Paradise, giving views overlooking the city centre and the famous coastline. Hosting a range of local bands, DJs and special events throughout the week, the bar offers its guests a lively atmosphere in the sunny days and warm nights. It isn’t just worthwhile for the scenery, with the menu jam-packed with unique cocktails, grand wines and a delicious set of nibbles!

  • The Campus Wallace

    No matter what list you read for Gold Coast’s bars, the Campus Wallace will make an appearance. Home to an old-world nautical-themed style whiskey bar, with a blend of boozy drinks, wall murals, and dimly light drop lights. The bartenders give a spin to all your favourite cocktails, using local produce to whip up delicious margaritas, martinis, and spritz with unique flavours and smells.

  • Roosevelt Lounge

    Nestled in the popular Broadbeach, this Roosevelt Lounge has a unique twist to it. Rather being a 1930s America-inspired bar instead of the classic laid-back tropical feel Gold Coast is famed for. Roosevelt Lounge is outrageously glamorous, home to theatrical cocktails, Great Gatsby vibes, and stunning decorations including velvet curtains and wooden tables and chairs.

  • Sandbar

    What better place to visit than a bar that is named after the famous sand of Gold Coast? Sandbar truly evokes the classic Gold Coast vibe, with a stylish but laidback atmosphere with seaside views and tropical flair. Wine and dine at this delicious bar spot, sipping on sweet cocktails, craft beers, and local Australian wine. The food matches the drinks and feels perfect, with light seafood choices that come fresh from the coast!

  • Burleigh Pavilion

    A beachfront bar that offers a perfect combo of scenery, food, and drinks! It is the ultimate destination if you are looking for an insta-worthy spot! With fruit-filled cocktails and a large-scale balcony that overlooks the crashing waves of Burleigh Beach. Wear your favourite outfit and snap some shots that will leave all your family and friends seething in jealously.

  • The Collective

    Known for having five restaurants under one roof, it is regarded as Gold Coast’s dining paradise. Home to a playground of eateries, with five restaurants, one bar, and one rooftop section. Choose your favourite section and set up for a night of endless drinks and dining experiences.

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