Can you visit the Natural Bridge at night?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: May 14, 2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Springbrook National Park is one of Australia’s most luscious natural wonderlands, with beautiful hiking trails, abundant wildlife and cascading waterfalls all on the itinerary for nature-loving visitors!

But the most famous of all the attractions in this sublime rainforest is that of the Natural Bridge: a stunningly picturesque cave complete with gushing water and vibrant scenery.

But it’s not just the physical landscape that makes the Natural Bridge so spectacular, as the place comes alive at night with one of Australia’s few glow worm colonies!

Yes, you can most certainly visit the Natural Bridge at night, and it is truly one of the very best ways to do so, as you can marvel upon the natural light show that is nothing short of a miraculous phenomenon.

There are nightly tours that take you through the national park and to this stunning cave, where you will find one of the Earth’s most beautiful shows in full swing – it’s a unique experience and one that shouldn’t be overlooked when on the amazing Gold Coast.

Be sure to check out these other experiences when you’re there:

The beaches

The Gold Coast is known for its spectacular beaches, after all, you are in sunny Queensland, so quality shorelines are to be absolutely expected. What’s more, the Goldy’s beaches are perfect for any number of water activities, from surfing to beach volleyball, sunbathing and just having a good ol’ refreshing dip!

Burleigh Head is the pick of the bunch, with a gorgeous crescent coastline and plenty of ample views toward the Gold Coast skyline, but you can head to pretty much any beach around town and it’s going to be good.

Tamborine Mountain

Despite being just a short drive from the Gold Coast’s glitz and glamour, Tamborine Mountain feels like you’ve escaped to another world, with plenty of gorgeous forest scenery and enchanting local experiences to get you wanting to return time and time again!

The region contains some of the most stunning national parkland in all of Queensland (no easy feet) as well as being home to plenty of food and wine experiences to satisfy your hunger after a big day’s exploring.

This truly is one of the most charming and untouched parts of Queensland, making it a must-do for weary travellers looking to experience some peace and tranquillity with a little hinterland character added to the mix…


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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