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What to See and Do at Broadwater Estuary

The Gold Coast boasts a plethora of incredible sights and unique landscapes, including the Broadwater Estuary. This landmark, also known as Southport Broadwater, Gold Coast Harbour, and the Gold Coast Broadwater, is a huge shallow estuary set in South East Queensland. Reaching from Southport to the beautiful Moreton Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site – it encompasses a range of attractions and things to do. Originally, the body of water was a lagoon that was created with water from the nearby Nerang River, but today it is separated from the Coral Sea by Stradbroke Island. The History of […]


The Ancient Beauty of Natural Bridge

Springbrook National Park is one of the Gold Coast’s most popular attractions and Natural Bridge is one of its finest features. It is a natural rock formation that has been formed over thousands of years by the cascading water that runs over the erosive basalt cave that surrounds it. Here, you can experience the majestic scenery of a stunning waterfall, the resident glow worms that live in the cave, and the colony of bent-wing bats that occupy the area. Getting to Natural Bridge is very simple. You join the Nerang Murwillumbah Road that takes you through stunning mountain scenery and […]


Top Things to Do in Mount Tamborine

Set in the hinterland an hour from Brisbane and the vibrant Gold Coast, Mount Tamborine promises an eclectic showcase of stunning scenery and plenty of things to do. Spread out amongst a landscape of breathtaking rainforest and outdoor paradises, there is also a strong arts and crafts scene, pretty villages to explore, and many local markets and festivals to enjoy. Here are some of the best things to do if you’re in the area. 1. Get Adventurous One of the best ways to explore Mount Tamborine and all it has to offer is to hit the skies or get your […]


Getting to Know the Gold Coast Glow Worms

Glow worms are only found in Australia and New Zealand and are therefore some of the most rare and fascinating creatures in the world. Like something out of a fairytale, they light up the darkness with their glow and provide a magical scene if you get to see them in the wild. Throughout Australia’s Gold Coast, there are plenty of chances for you to spot these creatures, whether that’s outdoors under the canopies of an ancient rainforest or inside the confines of a centuries-old cave that has been preserved to make sure the glow worms feel right at home. In […]


What to See and Do at Springbrook National Park

The Gold Coast is awash with stunning hinterland and plenty of landscapes to explore. At the Springbrook National Park, you can discover a range of unique scenery and wildlife encounters, as well as wander the weaving trails that take you past rare plants, ancient hideaways, and cascading waterfalls. In the heart of the park, you can stand on top of an ancient volcano and soak up the incredible views of the scenery surrounding you. Set just 45 minutes from the pristine beaches of the coast, this park gives you an insight into a different side of Australia. Admire whimsical views […]

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