Things to do at Burleigh Heads

The Gold Coast is full of little gems just waiting to be explored, like Burleigh Heads, which sits between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta. It’s renowned for its picturesque backdrop and its plethora of things to do along its pristine shores.

The Beach at Burleigh Heads

Known as simply Burleigh to the locals, Burleigh Heads is the ideal spot for swimming and surfing thanks to its protected waters that sit snug between a wild headland.

Around the beach, Burleigh Heads National Park unfolds in a pretty display of walking trails and wildlife, promising exceptional views out across the ocean to the horizon beyond.

The foreshore is renowned for its collection of pine trees and parkland. Here, visitors often pack a picnic or fire up a barbecue and while away the hours against the stunning scenery. This also marks the spot where a number of art and craft markets are held throughout the week, giving you the chance to delve into the local culture whilst still soaking up the amazing landscape.

Eating and Drink at Burleigh Heads

As well as an array of outdoor activities and a pretty coastline, Burleigh Heads is also home to a number of delicious restaurants, eateries, bars, and cafes.

Oceanfront dining is a must here, especially when the fish is so fresh. An emerging café culture has unfolded in recent years, too, giving you the chance to experience some of Australia’s newest heritage alongside its old.

The shops along the beach and beyond follow a similar vein. New designers have opened up stores along the stretches of shops, and a stroll through the boutique part of Burleigh Heads reveals a selection of upmarket designers as well as arts and crafts stores and everything in between.

Things to Do in Burleigh Heads

There is plenty to keep you busy in Burleigh Heads if you want to experience more of the area than its beaches.

John Laws Park is home to some of the most stunning views in this part of Australia, while Justins Park boasts a great selection of things to do for kids and older members of the family.

Elsewhere, the David Fleay Wildlife Park promises incredible encounters with some of the country’s most beloved animals.

Burleigh Heads is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Its selection of pretty landscapes, stunning beaches, calm waters for swimming and surfing, and eclectic mishmash of cultural opportunities makes it the perfect hotspot for every kind of traveller.

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