What to See and Do at Springbrook National Park

The Gold Coast is awash with stunning hinterland and plenty of landscapes to explore. At the Springbrook National Park, you can discover a range of unique scenery and wildlife encounters, as well as wander the weaving trails that take you past rare plants, ancient hideaways, and cascading waterfalls.

In the heart of the park, you can stand on top of an ancient volcano and soak up the incredible views of the scenery surrounding you. Set just 45 minutes from the pristine beaches of the coast, this park gives you an insight into a different side of Australia.

Admire whimsical views across ancient landscapes, stand beneath magical waterfalls, and watch over cool rock creeks that cascade into refreshing swimming holes.

Beneath the lush canopy of the park, you’ll be ushered into a world of age-old magic, where rare birds can be spotted, and glow-in-the-dark mushrooms light your way. Elsewhere, thick vines tangle around ancient trees, while quirky rock formations are scattered through fern groves filled with cute little creatures.

What Landscapes Can You Expect at Springbrook?

Springbrook has a bit of everything within its confines. Expect to explore cool forests, mountain views, and subtropical rainforests, all of which are punctuated with mesmerising waterfalls and centuries-old creeks. There are four main parts to the park: Mount Cougal, where you can learn about the region’s rich logging history, Natural Bridge, home to unique waterfalls and glow-worms, Numinbah, and Springbrook Plateau, which boasts several fantastic lookouts.

Things to Do in Springbrook National Park

While at the Springbrook National Park, there is plenty for you to see and do regardless of what kind of adventure you’re looking for.

You can wander along weaving trails that take you past lush rainforests and give you a chance to spot some of the native wildlife that calls it home. There are also plenty of picnic areas, where you can kick back and relax with a bite to eat against a stunning backdrop of ancient landscapes and unique natural offerings.

And for animal lovers, there are numerous encounters to be had, whether that’s with the colourful selection of bird life, the collection of native critters that rustle around in the forests, or horse riding through the magical landscape to explore it from a different perspective.

You can discover the amazing Australian sky at the Springbrook Research Observatory and learn more about the major constellations.

Springbrook is the perfect place to go if you want to admire the unique scenery of Australia that sits just moments from the lush beaches it’s so well-known for.

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