What to do in the Gold Coast this Weekend

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: August 25, 2020

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Due to the Covid-19 restrictions easing up in Queensland, many events and activities are starting up again in the Gold Coast.

Offering for a delightful weekend safety exploring the region’s greatest highlights.

  • Pop into the Markets

    Fill up you bag with endless goodies at the weekend’s Sanctuary Markets! Held at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for a street-food feast, beginning at 5pm on Friday! Letting guests enjoy the warm air under the night sky, listening to the live music and trying all the treats on offer! If you ar an early bird, you can head to the Village Markets held at Burleigh State School on Sunday mornings. Start your day right with a steamy cup of coffee and a delicious pastry (or two) as you wander around the pop-up stalls!

  • Enjoy the Granddad Jack’s Distillery Tour

    If you are planning an adventure with your partner or posse, a great choice is a day constantly sipping on the variety of spirits this distillery has to offer. Learn a thing or two while you are sipping away, and take in the laid-back atmosphere and live music. And even stay for a couple more hours after for a relaxing afternoon drink once the tour ends.

  • Sip on a cocktail at the Pop-up Bar!

    Mr Consistent is taking over the Robina Pavilion this weekend! Setting up on the sunny deck with yellow and white umbrellas for a fun early summer session! There will be cocktails, nibbles, and a range of alcohol on offer for guests! Letting visitors sing along to the music as they dig into the delicious goodies in the sun!

  • Dig into some street food

    Enjoy street food with a side of beats at the Gold Coast’s weekend of BBQ Bazaar. Combining a killer line-up of live music with some of the best bbq around. Held both on Friday and Saturday night, choose which night has you favourite music booked in and enjoy dancing under the stars as you work off the massive amount of street food you just consumed!

  • Indulge with High Cheese

    If you are up for a fancy adventure, head to the High Cheese at Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort. Which is presenting tiers of cheddar and brie that any cheese lover will fall in love with! Similar to high tea, the Pearls Bar at Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort has organised with the best cheesemongers around to bring us a delightful cheesy experience!

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