What to do in Surfers Paradise?

The Gold Coast is famous for its fun, sunny sights, and Surfers Paradise is no exception. The seaside resort is famous for its incredible beachfront, exciting nightlife, blood pumping activities, and fun atmosphere.

Adventure awaits!

The beach

As the name suggests, the beach is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers. It’s pristine sand and crashing waves make it one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. Lifeguards patrol daily, so make sure to swim within the flags, as the current can get a bit rough in outer areas. Even if you aren’t an avid surfer or swimmer, you can still enjoy this beach for its incredible beauty. Stroll along the stretch of soft sand and watch the sunrise or sunset, depending on your mood!

Paradise centre

The largest shopping centre in the area, the paradise centre is bursting with over 90 different shops, a range of restaurants, and fun activities offered. In the heart of Surfer’s Paradise, located right opposite the beach front. Spend all your hard-earned money on fabulous fashion items, delicious lunches and enjoyable activities! Don’t miss this fun-filled day before or after a visit to the beach!


Sky point’s observation deck is an essential stop to see the jaw-dropping views of the coast. Sky point towers over the paradise’s buildings, seeing 360-degree views of the coast, the hinterland and beyond. Visit the restaurant to tuck into some delicious food as you marvel at the sapphire waters and bright city lights below. A picture-perfect spot to see the sunset!

Ifly Skydiving

To get your adrenaline pumping, try out indoor skydiving! Ifly is one of Surfers Paradise’s most popular activities, offering this fun experience to the whole family. An indoor thrill ride lets you float in the air inside the large glass tunnel as gusts of air push you above the ground. An unforgettable adventure, and a perfect way to try out skydiving without jumping out of a plane!


The beachfront markets have been around since 1995 and are a perfect night activity for those not interested in bars or restaurants. Open every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening, these pop-up markets are filled with all sorts of goodies. Enjoy the live music or entertainers as you stroll down the market strip.

Surfers Paradise is an unforgettable stop in your adventure to the Gold Coast. With stunning natural wonders and incredibly fun activities, have your troubles melt away as you soak up the sun within this tropical wonderland.

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