Things to Do at The Mount Tamborine Skywalk

Australia’s Gold Coast is renowned for its amazing landscapes, which are drizzled with pretty forests and dipping valleys. It sprawls out right up to the ocean line, promising visitors a hearty mix of stunning wildlife and fast-paced adventure.

At its heart, Mount Tamborine soars skywards in a show of jaw-dropping beauty. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the region and is one of the biggest draws to the area.

On the mountain, you can try your hand at a brand new adventure that lets you explore the Gold Coast from a unique perspective while getting your adrenalin pumping. Throughout the Mount Tamborine Skywalk experience, you can gaze out over the lush rainforest below, taking in clear pools of Cedar Creek and ancient plant life.

The tour provides a great way to start your explorations of the area, with the walk beginning from the Eco Gallery. Here, you can learn more about the eclectic selection of flora and fauna that characterises the area and discover why it is such an important region in Australian history.

All in all, the Skywalk takes around 45 minutes and covers around 1.5 kilometres. It encompasses a range of floor trails and 300-metre steel bridges that let you discover the different layers of the forest.

Activities at Mount Tamborine Skywalk

Mount Tamborine Skywalk isn’t the only thing to do in the area. In fact, there are a range of activities you can get stuck into if you want to really get to know the region.

You can check out the Eco Gallery, an exhibition dedicated to the many different species of plants and animals that call the forest home. While there, you’ll learn all about the incredibly rich natural history of the region and come away knowing more about the surrounding wildlife.

There’s also the Birdwing Café, which provides the perfect place to refuel with a delicious snack and a coffee before venturing on. You can also grab a souvenir here in the on-site gift shop – pick up a handmade object or a painting.

Exploring Mount Tamborine via the Skywalk gives you the chance to experience every single aspect of it, from the ancient plant life to the many different layers that make up the forest. Keep your eyes peeled for native wildlife as you go, and remember to check out the gallery, café, and gift shop to make the most of your time in the area.

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