The Glow Worms Tour Along the Gold Coast

Escape the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast’s vibrant nightlife in search of some of nature’s most incredible wonders. Glow worms, a creature found only in Australia and New Zealand, shimmer around ancient forests in this part of the country, promising a magical experience that takes place after dark.

The area the glow worms live in is a heritage site, which means the only way to get up close and personal with them is to take a guided tour. While on these tours, you’ll not only get to see the creatures and their fairytale habitat, but you’ll learn all about their life cycle, behaviour, and eating habits.

The tours begin after dark, taking you on a mystical bushwalk through the ancient rainforests that characterise the region. You’ll soon arrive at a cave that is illuminated by the magical light of the glow worms.

Here, you’ll get to watch the creatures flit from side to side, casting a surreal glow against the backdrop of old caves with plenty of stories to tell. What’s more, once you’ve concluded watching the glow worms, you’ll be able to enjoy a different kind of glow – the glow of the stars that light up Australia’s night sky. You’ll be able to gaze out at the constellations of the southern hemisphere as they shine down on the surrounding mountains.

These tours provide a real escape from the bright lights of the Gold Coast’s cities, and instead give you the chance to explore a different side to the area that has been around for centuries. You can escape the liveliness of modern suburbia and expose your senses to the serene calm of the Gold Coast’s countryside, which is made up of rainforests with centuries-old trees and pretty walkways that guide you to the glow worm caves.

The cave you visit on the tour is the Natural Bright cave, which is where you’ll find the country’s largest collection of glow worms. They cover the entire ceiling of the cavern, creating an illumination of nature that casts whimsical shadows across the surroundings. It’s almost an artistic display, as you watch the creatures wriggle around their habitat.

Seeing the glow worms on the Gold Coast is a must-do while you’re in this part of Australia. Nowhere else in the country can you see such a large population of the creatures in one place, giving you the chance to learn an incredible amount about them and their surroundings.

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