The Plant and Animal Life of the Springbrook Mountains

Springbrook makes up a huge part of the Gold Coast’s skyline. It boasts an eclectic mishmash of habitats, from cool forests, to mountainous views and cascading waterfalls. There are ancient creeks that date back thousands of years and a lush rainforest, all of which provide the perfect homes for several of Australia’s most beloved plant and animal species.

With more than 100 species of birds, frogs and reptiles, as well as a diverse array of colourful plant life, there is plenty to see and do for nature lovers who find themselves in the area.

The Animal Life in Springbrook

The collection of different landscapes means Springbrook is the ideal habitat for many different types of creature, including native animals and a vibrant array of reptile and bird species.

Keep your eyes peeled for red-necked pademelons, small marsupials similar to the wallaby that graze in the open grassy areas of the region. There are also koalas, too, that tuck into the leaves of the eucalyptus trees, while fascinating reptile species like land mullets – fat, black shiny lizards – and lace monitors scuttle amongst the trees.

The frog life in Springbrook is second to none. There are hundreds of species of tropical frog, from the pretty emerald spotted tree frog to the weird and wonderful tusked frog.

When it comes to birds, Springbrook has it all, including brightly-feathered parrots, cockatoos, birds of prey, waterbirds, honeyeaters, monarchs, crows, and cuckoos. Listen out for the distinctive sounds of these creatures and don’t forget to look up to watch them rest in the canopies of the forests.

Plant Life in Springbrook

On the higher parts of the park, where the rainforest sprawls out in every direction, there are pink-trunked brush boxes that characterise the landscape. You can also see coachwood dotted with lichen, and Antarctic beeches. Head to the top of the plateau to see some of the oldest trees in the region, some of which date back 3,000 years.

There are two different kinds of eucalypt forests, one of the plateau and one down in the Numinbah Valley. Here, there are armies of flooded gums, palms, and tree ferns. Elsewhere, Blue Mountain ash trees, tall oaks, and prickly-leaved heath plants dot the landscape.

Springbrook is the perfect place to explore the diversity of the Gold Coast. As well as a mesmerising array of animal life ranging from reptiles to marsupials, there are plenty of pretty plant species to admire too.

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