How many days do you need in Gold Coast?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: June 1, 2021

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The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most exciting and thriving cities.

 The Gold Coast is a vibrant tropical wonderland sandwiched between gorgeous coastline and lush hinterland. There are so many fun things to do on the Gold Coast. Perhaps you plan to head out to the swells as one of the Coast’s world famous beaches. Or maybe you want to have a family fun day at one of the legendary amusement parks. Or you may plan on getting out for some truly serene nature experiences.

With so much to do, we recommend spending at least five days on the Gold Coast! This will allow you to experience the city and its wondrous surroundings with ease.

So, what are some of the awesome things you can do in this beloved travel gem over five days?

Have a beach day

Let’s face it, if you’re travelling to the Gold Coast, you’re probably keen for a beach day. You can surf, sunbathe, play beach volleyball or jet ski around the region’s world class beaches. 

As you can probably guess by its name, Surfer’s Paradise is one of the many great surfing destinations on the Gold Coast. It’s also a great place to visit even if you’re not a surfer. There are heaps of dining, shopping and entertainment options located along the beach.

Burleigh Heads is another great place for a beach day. We recommend beginning the morning with a sunrise beach walk. In the afternoon,, stop by one of the local fish and chips shops. From viewpoints to shops and pristine sand, this is another fantastic beach to visit.

Another beach to check out is Broadbeach. This beach is another popular spot amongst surfers and is a bit more relaxed. Though this beach may not be as busy as some others, there are still plenty of restaurants and shops to explore.

  • Cuddle a koala at Currumbin

    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Australia’s best conservation projects. It’s one of the best places to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most beloved unique wildlife. You can cuddle a koala, feed the adorable kangaroos and see the resident saltwater crocodile, Boss Hog, lazing about and feeding.

    Regardless of the time of day that you choose to visit, there is plenty to enjoy. Each day contains a schedule of live presentations and feedings that visitors can attend. These shows include presentations about wildlife hospitals, feeding birds and more.

    Did you know that the wildlife sanctuary isn’t just open during the day? If you visit at night, you can take a Twilight Tour. These tours are popular, so it is important to book in advance. Some of the highlights include seeing the nocturnal animals at play, learning the history of the Gold Coast and viewing a light show.

  • Hit up the theme parks

    Did you know that the Gold Coast is considered to be the theme park capital of Australia? The Gold Coast’s theme parks are a family-fun favourite.

    Activities range from water activities at Wet ‘N’ Wild to awesome movie-themed rides at Warner Bros. Movie World. Fly down waterslides, jump in the pool or hop on the Batwing Spaceshot – the choice is yours!

  • Head to the Natural Bridge

    Natural Bridge is located just outside of the Gold Coast in the Springbrook National Park. It is a stunning rock formation that formed from the mighty force of a waterfall cascading over the cave below. While the Natural Bridge is the national park’s main attraction, the walk down to the bridge is equally impressive. At night you can tour the caves and view the protected glow worm and microbat species.

    Join this half day tour to visit the Natural Arch. Departing in the morning, you’ll discover the highlights of Springbrook National Park before marvelling at the Natural Bridge.

  • Visit Mount Tamborine

    If you find yourself with a free evening, join this
    evening glow worm tour. The tour will lead you from the Gold Coast to Mount Tamborine National Park. You will then get to enjoy a tasty snack before embarking on a rainforest stroll. Here you will see heaps of glow worms as they illuminate their natural habitat.

    These are just a few of the magnificent things to do on the Gold Coast during your five-day visit!

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