Guide to the Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia’s tropical paradise bursting with sun, sea, and skyscrapers. With the city stretching out along the stunning seacoast, its borders meeting the lush rainforest further inland.

The History of the Gold Coast Area

Before European settlements came to Australia, the Gold Coast area was a natural wonderland, home to white sandy beaches, rolling mountains, river valleys, and both salt and freshwater wetlands. The indigenous community lived cohesively within the environment, inhabiting the area for more than 23,000 years before any European settlement.

Why Is It Called Gold Coast? 

It’s no wonder it is one of the top destinations, with rainforests, mountain ranges, pristine beaches, and skyscrapers sprinkling the area. But where did it get its name?

The name ‘the Gold Coast’ began in the late 1940s and was first used by Brisbane journalists marketing the area’s land for sale during the post-war estate boom. The local council saw the promotion and liked the name so much they adopted the name on 23 October 1958. Renaming the councils original, South Coast Town Council to Gold Coast Town Council. On the 16th of May in 1959, the Queensland State Government officially proclaimed the Local Authority of the city of the Gold Coast. The Place Names Board of Queensland legally named the area, the Gold coast in April 1980.

What You Can Do in Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is known as the laid-back surfing city of Australia. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery or a more upbeat adventure, the Gold Coast has you covered. Look no further as these are some of the top attractions that will make your holiday an unforgettable adventure.

Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park, QLD

Within the ancient Gondwana Rainforest lies the Springbrook National Park. This wonderland is overflowing with colour; covering in surrounds with all different shades of green, with splashes of reds, browns, blues. Lace up those hiking boots and immerse yourself into this magical land singing with life. Walking trails range in effort, and can suit both visitors looking for a short morning walk to those you want to spend a full day in the bush.

Visit some of the most iconic attractions hidden within. Purling Brook Falls, the spectacular waterfall that looks out to a breathtaking view of the rainforest. Natural Bridge, an incredible natural rock formation nestled within a creek cave, formed by the weather and waterfall above. These are just a couple of the worthwhile attractions within this amazing park.

Glow Worms

Glow Worms, QLD

Finish the day off in one of the Gold Coast’s best night time adventures, the Glow Worms! Nestled within the Hinterland region are the caves these creatures call home. Simply step into the darkness and be mesmerised by the glow worms tinkling along the cave ceiling. These worms are in fact, not worms at all, but the larvae of a primitive fly, the fungus gnat. They glow from a chemical reaction within their body, which causes the natural light. Discover more about these fascinating creatures as you travel on the nocturnal tours as the guides lead you through this evening wonderland.

Theme Parks

Movie World, Gold Coast

Thrill seekers, look no further, as Gold Coast is littered with theme parks! These are by far the most popular and largest amusement parks in all of Australia, including parks such as Warner Brothers Movie World and the Sea World. The parks are swarming with crowds, exciting rollercoasters, and ever-changing performances. Ride the white-knuckling rides as you scream your guts out!

Tamborine Mountain

Curtis Falls, QLD

Discover the green behind the gold, as you step out of the city and find yourself in the lush region of Tamborine Mountain nestled right next door. Take a breath of fresh air as you encounter breathtaking scenery and views of the city and surrounds. Spotting the abundant flora and fauna that is scattered within the greenery.

How Do You Get Around the Gold Coast?


What better way to see all of Gold Coast’s nooks and crannies than by walking the streets? Lace up those walking shoes and head off, travelling along the soft sandy beach, pushing through the busy streets, and stopping off to rest at one of the many attractions or local shops. Of course, this option only walks for a small section of the gold coast, as walking far distances will turn into more of a chore than a holiday activity.


The developed areas of the Gold Coast has around over 600 kilometres of bike paths that connect the neighbourhoods and local attractions. Set off on the smooth biking paths to spend the day in the sun and surrounds. Bringing along a day pack to enjoy a picnic in the many parks or beach spots to refuel for the afternoon.

Public Transport

Prefer a cheaper journey? If so, public transports are the way to go, with public transport connecting visitors around the city and out! Trains offer you easy journeys out to the outer regions of the gold coast, including places such as Cape Tribulation or Mount Tamborine. Or city bus’ weave through the busy traffic streets, letting you hop on and off depending on where you want to go.

Bus Tours

Instead of stressing about the many timetables or endless sweating when walking or biking in the beating sun, why not take a bus tour? Simply book a ticket prior to the end, whether it be a one day or multi one, and sit back and relax while discovering the Gold Coast. Picking you up from your hotel early morning, the tour can take you to inner-city areas, outer rainforests, or even right out to the deep ocean area. Having a guide there lets you discover and learn a lot more about the area than compared to if you travel around alone.

Imagine yourself in crystal clear waters, soaking up the sunrays alongside the golden sand coast. Take advantage of the city’s close proximately to the stunning natural wonders lying on the Gold Coast’s doorstep. No matter what you choose to do, you will certainly not be disappointed.

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