The Glow Worms of the Gold Coast

It’s easy to think that Glow Worms are make-believe creatures that only make special appearances in fairy tales, but they are very much a reality in Australia and New Zealand. Because they are only found in this part of the world, they are some of the planet’s rarest and most fascinating creatures.

Australia’s impressive Gold Coast is the perfect place to see these mesmerising creatures in their natural habitat. Throughout the region, you can spot the lit-up critters flitting beneath the ancient canopies of lush rainforests or tucked away inside caves that date back millions of years.

Set along the Gold Coast is Springbrook National Park that’s home to the country’s largest population of glow worms. If you’re keen to see these creatures in all their glory, this is the place to see them.

In this part of the region, there’s the opportunity to take a stroll through the surrounding rainforest where the glow worms make themselves at home amongst the ancient leaves. As you stroll along, you’ll get to spot some of the country’s oldest vegetation and explore centuries-old caves that house even more of these magical creatures.

Inside the most popular glow worm cave, there are two imposing chambers connected with a selection of tunnels that create an underground network. The first chamber gives you the chance to learn more about the glow worms and their habitat and history with a fascinating audio-visual display. All this is set against a backdrop of realistic stalagmites and stalactites and pretty water features.

Inside the second chamber, which is commonly known as the Glow Worm Alley, you can see the glow worms themselves in vibrant action.

The creatures need a very specific set of conditions, so the cave has been set up with the sole purpose of hosting the glow worms in mind. This means that visitors can catch a glimpse of them throughout the year. There are thousands and thousands of them flitting around the second chamber, casting a magical, ethereal glow on the ancient walls of the cave – it truly is a remarkable experience.

If you find yourself exploring the Gold Coast Hinterland, seeing the local glow worms is an absolute must-do. As well as learning more about these rare and fascinating creatures, you can see them in their natural habitat and watch as they mesmerizingly light up the ancient confines of the cave as they go about their day-to-day lives.

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