How to get to Springbrook National Park?

Springbrook is a magical oasis bursting with colour. Bright green floods the area, with reds, blues, and purples splattering the flowers blossoming within. Stretching 6,197-hectares within the Gold Coast Hinterland is jam-packed with waterfalls, rainforests, spectacular lookouts, unique wildlife and natural beauty.

Ways to get to Springbrook National Park


If you’ve got a car, why not use it? Springbrook is easy to get to by car, only about a 45-minute drive from the Gold Coast, and a couple hours from Brisbane. Make sure you a confident behind the wheel, however, as the roads leading the national park are quite windy. If you’d rather skip the bendy roads, it will add around about 20 minutes to your trip. Parking is free throughout Springbrook, such as Tallanbana picnic area or at the Canyon Lookout. No petrol shops are located near the National Park, so we suggest filling up at the start of your journey.

Public Transport

If you are interested in a cheaper transportation, look out for the public bus or train available. There are multiple bus routes and train lines, depending on where you are starting from. If you’re a bit confused which line suits you, download Moovit, the transportation app, to help you figure it out.


Planning the perfect day trip adventure involves making a lot of choices. Make it a bit easier by joining a tour for the day. Sit back and relax as your guide does all the heavy lifting, taking you to the best attractions the National Park offers. Learn more about the ecosystem and history of the area, which you wouldn’t have known when going it alone. The tours start from early morning, picking you up in the heart of the Gold coast, and taking you around Springbrook, before dropping you back off at your chosen pick up.

The Top Springbrook Attractions

Bushwalks, photo opps, natural formations, and wildlife encounters all fill the national park to the brim. The walks range in effort, starting from short walks easy for any kind of traveller, to long day hikes only fit for professionals. These walks have incredible spots on the way, including waterfalls, lookout points, natural constructions, and native flora and fauna. Noteworthy spots include the Purling Brook Falls, a spectacular cascading waterfall that thunders over the cliff tops. The natural ancient formation of the Natural Arch is well worth the walk. A cave structure that has been moulded by thousands of years of cascading water. No trip to The Springbrook National Park is complete without a visit to these iconic locations. So make sure to mark them on your map for your next trip.

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