How do you get around the Gold Coast?

Gold Coast, Australia’s tropical paradise bursting with sun, sea, and skyscrapers. With the city stretching out along the stunning seacoast, its borders meeting the lush rainforest further inland.


What better way to see all of Gold Coast’s nooks and crannies than by walking the streets? Lace up those walking shoes and head off, travelling along the soft sandy beach, pushing through the busy streets, and stopping off to rest at one of the many attractions or local shops. Of course, this option only walks for a small section of the gold coast, as walking far distances will turn into more of a chore than a holiday activity.


The developed areas of the Gold Coast has around over 600 kilometres of bike paths that connect the neighbourhoods and local attractions. Set off on the smooth biking paths to spend the day in the sun and surrounds. Bringing along a day pack to enjoy a picnic in the many parks or beach spots to refuel for the afternoon.

Public Transport

Prefer a cheaper journey? If so, public transports are the way to go, with public transport connecting visitors around the city and out! Trains offer you easy journeys out to the outer regions of the gold coast, including places such as Cape Tribulation or Mount Tamborine. Or city bus’ weave through the busy traffic streets, letting you hop on and off depending on where you want to go.

Bus Tours

Instead of stressing about the many timetables or endless sweating when walking or biking in the beating sun, why not take a bus tour? Simply book a ticket prior to the end, whether it be a one day or multi one, and sit back and relax while discovering the Gold Coast. Picking you up from your hotel early morning, the tour can take you to inner-city areas, outer rainforests, or even right out to the deep ocean area. Having a guide there lets you discover and learn a lot more about the area than compared to if you travel around alone.

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