The Springbrook Research Observatory

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sprinkbrook research observatory 1The Gold Coast is a haven of incredible natural experiences, from the lush Hinterland to the sprawling coastline. But the night sky holds some of the most fascinating secrets in this part of Australia, and you can experience their stories at the Springbrook Research Observatory.

Seeing the pure glow of the night sky is enough for some people, but if you want to see the stars up close, this attraction has you covered. The owner, Andre, has spent years creating a destination where visitors of all ages can marvel at the beauty of the stars and learn more about famous constellations.

The observatory itself is characterised by a spinning dome structure that is topped with two roof lookout points where you can take in the night sky.  

The History of the Springbrook Research Observatory

The observatory has a sweet and humble history that all began with Andre. His interest in the stars was sparked at school after seeing a video about an American priest known as “the sidewalk astronomer”.

His inspiration led him to host star parties, where he would share the sky with children – if he amazed just one or two of them, he considered it a success.

This close-up experience with such a natural wonder allowed people to become a part of science as it was happening in the moment. So, with the intent to do something similar, Andre purchased his first telescope. sprinkbrook research observatory

Years later, he set up the Springbrook Observatory to share his passion with the masses. It took over five months to build the first dome of the observatory, but it was all worth it – today, the attraction is one of the most visited and impressive along the Gold Coast.

While there, you can gaze through one of the many telescopes, look at pictures of the stars close up, and learn more about the fascinating patterns that light up the night sky. There are tours you can take that let you dig deeper into this vertical of science.

springbrook 2Getting to the Springbrook Research Observatory

To get to the Springbrook Research Observatory, you have to arrive via Nerang on the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road. When you get to Pine Creek Road, turn left and then right onto Springbrook. From there, it’s 4.8km to the Springbrook Observatory, and it is well signposted along the way.

If you’ve ever wondered what the night sky in Australia has in store, take a visit to the Springbrook Research Observatory to bring this slice of science to life.